New Michelin Road 6 Tyre

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They’re here and they’re beautiful.

Michelin’s latest edition to their Road range is an evolution from the popular Road 5 and benefits from over 2 decades of constant inovation by Michelin’s prestigious engineers. The Road 6 tyre range is designed to offer riders of roadsters, trail bikes, sports bikes & GT motorcycles the optimal performance in terms of wet grip, longevity, comfort and handling.

The Road 6 boasts a 15% improvement in wet conditions and a 10% increase in tyre life due to the 100% Silica Technology and a brand new tread pattern that has re-designed grooves & sipe angles which improves grip and handling.

The Road 6 features Michelin’s 2CT+ compound which allows for improved cornering stability, speed and confidence through the bends.

The tyres will have six front options and 8 rear size options as standard, with the GT spec tyre coming in one front and three rear sizes.

Price-wise a pair of 120/70/17 & 180/55/17 Road 6’s are £320 for the pair or fitted for £399.

Prices are always subject to change so please call or email for a quote. Our fitted prices always include fitting, balancing, valves if required, disposal of your olds tyres and VAT.

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