Motorcycle Services

Motorcycle Services

Motorcycle Repairers in Essex

High Quality Servicing & Repairs, Motorcycle & Scooter Accident Repair Specialists, Tyres Supplied & Fitted, Race Preparation Service, Breakdown & Recovery Service.

With every customer comes a different need, here at S&D Motorcycles we can offer services tailored to suit your individual requirements. From a simple oil change service to a full strip down and mechanical rebuild. We will only ever do what is required and will contact the customer before proceeding with any more work if any unforeseen problems are encountered.


in Brentwood (Essex)

Servicing bikes is the core of what we do, and as such we have vast experience in tackling a broad range of issues, with both modern and classic machines. We are all life long motorcyclists with a wealth of experience of a diverse range of motorcycles.

Over the years bikes have improved in both performance and technology but they still need just the same care and attention that an older machine needs.

Two men servicing a motorcycle

Our Services

all makes of road motorcycles & scooters

Pricing Examples

Free Vehicle Health Check, while you wait (by appointment).

  • Motorcycle MOT's £28

  • 2 Stroke Scooters 50cc-125cc serviced from £75.00

  • Scooters and light motorcycles (125cc) servicing from £85.00

  • Interim Motorcycle service from £120.00

  • Full Motorcycle service from £250.00

  • Brake fluid service from £45.00

  • A Pair of Superbike Tyres supplied and Fitted From £275.00*

**Includes removal/refit from bike, balancing, new valves and environmental disposal of old tyres

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Servicing of most makes and models of bikes and scooters

Pricing Examples:

Free 36 Point Vehicle Health Check, while you wait (by appointment).

  • 2 Stroke Scooters 50cc-125cc serviced from £40.00
  • Scooters and light motorcycles (125cc) servicing from £70.00*
  • Interim Motorcycle service from £99.00*
  • Full Motorcycle service from £199.00*
  • Brake service from £50
  • Chain and sprockets from £30*
  • Carburettor balancing from £35
  • Scooter Tyres From £20.00
  • A Pair of Superbike Tyres supplied and Fitted From £195.00

*Plus parts used.

Motorcycle MOTs

Worrying about your bike’s MOT? Not sure if it will pass? We can help! We offer a full check over of your bike, offering advice on issue that the bike will fail on. Book your bike MOT with us today! We offer our MOT services indicatively and not exhaustively in: Romford, Billericay, Chelmsford, Hornchurch, Upminster, Basildon and the surrounding areas in South East.



S&D Motorcycles uses the very latest TEXA diagnostic equipment which can run full diagnostic checks for the major motorcycle manufacturers plus many other makes and models.  

In addition to fault code reading, our diagnostic equipment allows us to reset service lights that have long been a dealer only repair.  


*Fault code read from £34inc

Tyre’s Supplied, fitted and balanced


Tyre’s like brakes are one of the most important components on the bike, but once again often overlooked by many riders. Every time we service a bike we always check the tyre’s condition and adjust the tyre pressures. We offer a comprehensive range of replacement tyre’s from many manufacturers to replace worn out tyres. We can also offer advice on what tyre will work best for your type of riding and machine. All tyres we fit are correctly balanced and the valve replaced if necessary. We do offer a puncture repair service and can supply and fit vulcanized professional repair plugs providing it is safe to do so.

Specialist carburetor cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning tank


In recent years one of the biggest issues facing our customers is fuel ! Modem fuel has many additives in it but it also contains bio ethanol, this can cause’s problems for older carburetor equipped machines that are not in regular use, clogging up the internal workings of the carbs and blocking up the jets which is why we now specialize in ultrasonic carburetor cleaning. We remove the carburetor’s from the bike and strip them down to their component parts. We then put the body of the carbs into an ultrasonic cleaning tank with a special cleaning fluid. Once the ultrasonic tank has worked its magic on the main assemblies we then carefully clean and inspect every single component. Once clean we reassemble the carburetor’s, refit them to the bike, then set them up and balance them so that the bike runs smoothly and efficiently. We find that a freshly cleaned and balanced set of carbs makes a worthwhile difference to the feel and performance you will experience when riding your motorcycle!

Brake Caliper Rebuilds


Brakes are one of the most important components on a bike, but are often neglected because they continue to work efficiently until the pads need replacing. Due to the nature of a bike the brakes take a lot of abuse during day to day use with rain, road salt, brake dust and grit all attacking the calipers and pads. If left unchecked brake calipers end up in a terrible state needing a major overhaul. We offer a full overhaul service on your brake calipers. Consisting of a full strip down of the caliper, cleaning every component, paying particular attention to the seals and pistons (replacing badly corroded items if necessary) and reassembling the caliper with fresh brake pads and brake fluid. This process restores your bikes braking efficiency and vastly improves the feel on the lever allowing you greater control of your machine.

Japanese Classic bike specialist

Japanese Classic bike specialist

Here at S&D we specialize in classic motorcycles, whether it is a concourse show bike or a bike that is used regularly. Older machines often need careful fettling as many parts are now very hard to source or no longer available. We can help you keep you bike in full running order and will help you source parts.

Track day & Race Preparation

Track day & Race Preparation

With a long history in motorcycle racing we can offer you a wide variety of parts and modifications to suit your machine and race series. Please call for more information or advice.

Accident repair specialist

Accident repair specialist

Have you been involved in an accident? Is your bike damaged? Then we can offer impartial advice on the cost of repairing your machine, we will deal directly with your insurance company to get a quick decision on repair work. (Subject to your insurance company) If approved for repair we can then carry out the repair work to your bike. Not going through your insurance company then we can still offer the same repair service which we can tailor to your needs and budget to get you safely back on the road.

Local pick up of bikes for servicing

Local pick up of bikes for servicing

Need you bike collected for servicing? Please call to arrange collection.

Full engine rebuilds

Full engine rebuilds

Engine not running right? Major component failure? We can help. We can offer a full or part rebuild of your engine and gearbox. We will give you a full diagnostic report of what the fault is before work is carried out and a quote for the job.

Custom tuning work from engine work to suspension & frame

Custom tuning work from engine work to suspension and frame

Everyone is different and so you may wish to customize you bike to suit you. We offer upgrade parts from most major brands. So whether you wish to upgrade the suspension or want a replacement performance exhaust or a complete customization of your bike then call to discuses your requirements.