New Bridgestone T31 Sports touring tyre now available

Great news from Bridgestone this week, With the release of there new sports touring tyre the T31, the Current top tier model, the amazing T30 Evo has been lowered in price.

T30 EVO Information & Deals:

The Battlax T30EVO brings you the best of both worlds: the safety and durability of a touring tyre and the exhilaration of real sports performance.
Quick response, outstanding stability, neutral handling characteristics, superb line-holding abilities… this tyre has everything you need to find your line and ride it in deep.
The Battlax T30EVO takes the already acclaimed sports precision of the Battlax T30 and adds outstanding wet-weather grip and performance.These sport touring radials deliver even more traction and control, particularly on wet surfaces. So you can push the bounds of both safety and riding pleasure.
Bridgestone delivers the thrill of sports performance in the durable, hard-wearing package of a touring tyre. To make that riding pleasure last that much longer.
A pair of 120/70-17 & 180/55-17 are now only £280 supplied
and fitted ride in ride out service. This tyre offers even better value than ever.

The T31 is now available to order

Battlax Sport Touring T31: now you can push your limits in the wet! In addition to boosting stability and handling performance, Bridgestone has developed a new front-tyre compound for T31 with higher rubber flexibility. This enhances the bite “feel” in the wet, giving riders more confidence in tricky conditions. Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is bringing the fun factor on Sport Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions

The Bridgestone Battlax T31 is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:
Huge increases in wet weather grip and handling performance, ideal for year round riding.
Improved levels of feedback from the contact patch thanks to a revised compound.
Better braking performance thanks to revised tread layout for a safer ride.
Available to order in in the most common sizes