Business As Unusual?

It’s been a strange few months, hasn’t it? We’d like to start by showing appreciation to all our key workers, especially those in the NHS who have had to really step up during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the early part of lockdown it was our privilege to offer our services for these workers and we’ve appreciated all the feedback we’ve received whilst getting to grips with running a business in a world of social distancing!


So what’s happening at S&D?


We’re back open full-time, with a slight change to our opening hours, we’re now closed on Mondays but open later during the week and extended the opening times on Saturdays.


New & Used bike sales have been very good recently with lots of customers deciding that riding a motorcycle is going to be far safer than commuting via train… and a lot more fun. As a main agent for both AJS & Herald Motor Co. we have a great stock of new motorcycles to compliment our regular stock of used bikes, we’ve got something for everyone!


In the shop we’re limiting the number of people in at any given time, making sure we’re regularly cleaning down surfaces and disinfecting everything possible. Anyone looking for a crash helmet is given a free balaclava before trying one on and they get the anti-bac treatment after. Our suppliers are operating at a good level so any clothing or accessories you need that we don’t have a readily available within reason.


In the workshop it’s been all systems go, the boost in commuter traffic mixed with the fantastic weather we’ve had means we’re as busy as ever for service, repair, tyres & MOT so if you need anything doing get that booking in sooner rather than later.


As is the norm, tyres are always the talking point when it comes to in-season riding and Sales Manager, Ben’s, recommendation is the Michelin Road 5:


“The Michelin Road 5 is a new generation of tyre which gives excellent grip in all weather conditions and has proven to not only give great grip but also durability often lasting up to 12,000 miles before a new set is required. From a riders perspective they give you great feedback and give you all the confidence you’ll need in any condition.”


If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

New Collection of Wolf Motorcycle Clothing for 2020!

We are excited to announce that we will shortly be taking delivery of the new and very exciting Wolf Motorcycle clothing Range for 2020…..we will keep you posted with expected dates for this exciting new range of products……

Close Brothers Motor Finance @ S&D Motorcycles

We are please to announce that we can now offer low rate finance on both new and used Motorcycles*  in partnership with Close Brothers Motor Finance.
With finance available from as little as £1000 you could be on the road in no time.
We decided to chose Close Brothers as our finance partner as there reputation for quality, service and reliability was second too none, further more they specialise in the motorcycle sector rather than just a general finance company. With many of there support team ridding motorcycles it instilled us with confidence that we where working with the best company to offer you our customers the best and most suitable products for your needs.  Please view the link which explains the ethos behind Close Brothers Motor finance
We are looking forward to a very successful partnership which we hope will offer our customers more choice and options when looking to purchase a vehicle and or accessories.
we are also working closely with Close Brothers Retail finance to beable to offer our customers low rate finance on clothing and accessorises so please keep an eye out for updates in the near future regarding this.

*Finance is subject to status and eligibility, for further information please contact us at S&D motorcycles.

Buying a Motorcycle Jacket? Get the best one that suits you as a rider


Riding a motorcycle is a passion of many people, however it is common place to find riders not wearing a motorcycle jacket, often forgetting that safety is a concern, sometime choosing a fashion item over a safety option, wearing a motorcycle jacket is the most important item of riding gear after a motorcycle helmet. safely notwithstanding the jacket can be a very versatile tool in your riding kit.

Though accidents don’t come announced, being sensible and wearing the appropriate riding kit can potentially save us from serious injuries.

Apart from a helmet and other wearables, buying motorcycle jackets is one of the wisest things that people can do to safeguard themselves from the potentially fatal consequences of an accident if at all it occurs. So, why not choose the best motorcycles jacket for you, the rider.

Here is a checklist that will help you better understand what you are looking at before buying a motorcycle jacket helping you the rider get the best biking experience. Read on


1) The jacket material matters

When you are buying a motorcycle jacket, the first thing to look out for  out for is the material that the jacket is made from. The most common and regarded as the strongest is the traditional leather jacket, however as technology improves you the rider has a great choice of technical materials to choose from; Cordura Nylon is the most common textile material however it is often mixed with different liners to aid in keeping you either warm or cool and importantly waterproofing for example: Gore-Tex®, Sinaqua® or Thinsulate®. Other popular materials in recent years have been denim with either Kevlar® or Covec® linings for protection.


2) But one according to your biking habits

So you ride a sports bike, the likelihood is you aren’t going to want a full off road style jacket or a traditional cruiser jacket.  So choosing a jacket according to your riding habit is something you must look out for while buying one. You can often opt for a jacket and trouser combination to fit your riding  in the best way.


3) The colour and age of the jacket are also important

Older motorcycle clothing is like a nice pair old of slippers a comfortable friend. However is this old friend going to protect you in the event of an accident…possibly not in the way you would like it too. A new modern jacket in whatever style has too meet certain safety standards. As of January 2019 all new clothing will be CE certified to better help you the customer understand the level of protection offered by the kit you are looking to purchase. Colour is also a factor in making a purchase of your new jacket with more people steering towards brighter colours in the attempt to be seen by other road users there is a vase array to choose from.  Here art S&D motorcycle clothing Essex, You can find the best jackets in a myriad of styles and colour combination to suit your taste and requirements


4) Materials and safety standards

As the whole purpose of buying a motorcycle jacket is primarily for safety purposes looking for it while on the hunt to buy a jacket should be carefully considered. You should take into account the type of bike you ride, are you a fair weather rider or an all season trooper. Your not going to want a full one piece leather race suit to ride your Harley or Maxi scooter, likewise a pair of kevlar jeans and denim jacket might not be suitable for your race bike or commuter rider. With the range of materials available falling into three main categories Leather, Textile and Denim with then a massive range of styles from racer, tourer, adventure, commuter and cruiser with the every popular scooter rider now being well provisioned.  It would be our advice to look for CE approved clothing and also clothing which has armour fitted or can have armour fitted giving a greater degree of safety.  All new 2019 riding kit should be CE approved and marked with the appropriate label to what standard it has achieved.

5) Armour protectors

It is common place to have armour protectors integrated into the jackets shoulders and elbows and on some a back protector.  Some of the more casual range of motorcycle jackets dont have protectors fitted but do have pockets that will allow you to upgrade them. Armour protectors have various levels of quality and standards it is highly recommended that CE approved armour is used and that it is either level 1 or 2 (2 being the higher spec) Some jackets are fitted with foam insert instead of a back protector these are not a protector and should be replaced with one that conforms to the CE standard.  Also, you should check out for “CE approved” jackets which signify that the jacket has met safety tested criteria and has been give a rating as to  the level of protection that the jacket offers (Eg AAA, AA, A rating with the AAA being the strongest in test)


6) Comfort and Fit are essential to

When buying a motorcycle jacket, you must not overlook the fact that a good fitting, comfortable jacket is also essential to a pleasurable riding experience.  The last thing you want is to have ill fitting or tight clothing that distracts you from the rather important task of riding your bike.


And, to conclude

At S&D motorcycles purchasing your new Motorcycle Jacket is made easy with a full range of styles and sizes available for both men and women, all our products comply or exceed current CE requirements. Our experts in the clothing department can aid you in finding the perfect setup for you riding style and tastes.

8 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle [Infographic]

The joy of riding a motorcycle is second to none. It is an intensely rewarding experience and yet, one that is so intertwined with the health of your motorcycle. Riding a well-maintained motorcycle is a lot more fun than riding an ill-maintained one. And the best thing about the former is that it doesn’t take much to keep it that way. Yes, motorcycle servicing is not the only way to keep your ride in top-condition. While you should indeed get your motorcycle serviced at an authorized or reputed service station, there is plenty you can do on your own to maintain it.


Something as simple as changing the engine oil regularly can make a huge difference to your motorcycle’s performance and engine lifespan. In fact, most experts recommend quick oil changes if you don’t have the time to get your bike to a motorcycle repair shop for a full service. Stick to the oil grade and frequency prescribed by your motorcycle’s manual. However, if you clock a high mileage every month and live in a dry and dusty place, you need to drop oil more frequently. The same is true for the motorcycle’s air filter as well. The bike’s engine breathes through the filter and a clogged filter can cause a drop in performance and lead to engine overheating. This is why you should check the air filter regularly and either clean or replace it.


Lubricating the chain regularly either using gear oil or dedicated chain lubricants, checking on the engine coolant levels and topping up if necessary, maintaining the right tyre pressure, inspecting the fuel filter and checking the brake pads and brake fluid levels are all essential motorcycle maintenance tasks that you can perform at home.


While some of these tasks concern the safety of your motorcycle’s engine (like coolant top-up, drive chain lubing, air filter cleaning etc.), something like checking the brake pads and fluid can be a matter of life and death for the rider, i.e. you. This is especially true if you ride occasionally as you might not be aware of your brake pad’s wear and tear and a drop in brake fluid levels, both of which reduce the effectiveness of your motorcycle’s brakes.


Lastly, never underestimate the effectiveness of regular washing when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Ride a motorcycle before and after getting it washed and lubed and the difference is more than just palpable. Regular washing dislodges any dirt or dust build-up around the important areas of your motorcycle. It is also useful to keep rust at bay and mitigate the environment’s effects on the motorcycle’s bodywork.


New Bridgestone T31 Sports touring tyre now available

Great news from Bridgestone this week, With the release of there new sports touring tyre the T31, the Current top tier model, the amazing T30 Evo has been lowered in price.

T30 EVO Information & Deals:

The Battlax T30EVO brings you the best of both worlds: the safety and durability of a touring tyre and the exhilaration of real sports performance.
Quick response, outstanding stability, neutral handling characteristics, superb line-holding abilities… this tyre has everything you need to find your line and ride it in deep.
The Battlax T30EVO takes the already acclaimed sports precision of the Battlax T30 and adds outstanding wet-weather grip and performance.These sport touring radials deliver even more traction and control, particularly on wet surfaces. So you can push the bounds of both safety and riding pleasure.
Bridgestone delivers the thrill of sports performance in the durable, hard-wearing package of a touring tyre. To make that riding pleasure last that much longer.
A pair of 120/70-17 & 180/55-17 are now only £280 supplied
and fitted ride in ride out service. This tyre offers even better value than ever.

The T31 is now available to order

Battlax Sport Touring T31: now you can push your limits in the wet! In addition to boosting stability and handling performance, Bridgestone has developed a new front-tyre compound for T31 with higher rubber flexibility. This enhances the bite “feel” in the wet, giving riders more confidence in tricky conditions. Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is bringing the fun factor on Sport Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions

The Bridgestone Battlax T31 is a Sport Touring tyre offering riders:
Huge increases in wet weather grip and handling performance, ideal for year round riding.
Improved levels of feedback from the contact patch thanks to a revised compound.
Better braking performance thanks to revised tread layout for a safer ride.
Available to order in in the most common sizes