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We offer a full check over of your bike, offering advice on issues that the bike will fail on. Many motorcycle accidents and motorbike crashes are caused by lack of MOT.


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Most frequent questions and answers about biker's MOT

What is a motorbike MOT?


Motorbike MOT is an extensive test that looks at all the vital aspects of your bike, designed to ensure that your bike is roadworthy.


Essentially it means that your motorcycle – at the time of the test – met the minimum requirements for a bike in terms of environmental and road safety standards set out by law.

When does a motorbike need MOT?


The MOT test is designed to check that your motorcycle meets road safety and environmental standards defined by the Department for Transport.


The rules that determine when you need to MOT your vehicle depend on the type of vehicle you have and what you use it for. These rules are grouped into Classes which currently include 1, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 5, 5a and 7.


Motorcycles belong on classes 1 and 2 meaning that you need to MOT your motorcycle on;


the third anniversary of its registration

the anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old


In details MOT classes 1 and 2 cover the following vehicle types:


Motorcycle (engine size up to 200cc)

Motorcycle with sidecar (engine size up to 200cc)

Motorcycle (engine size over 200cc)

Motorcycle with sidecar (engine size over 200cc)

What do you need to pass a MOT? Common MOT Failure Reasons


The motorcycle MOT consists of 16 checks to ensure that your bike is safe and fit for purpose. Each check will look for any damage, excessive wear and that it meets government standards.


The parts of the motorbike inspected during an MOT are: seats, horn, licence plates/frame and vehicle ID number, lights, tyres & wheels, wheel alignment, footrests, clutch lever, throttle, braking, steering & suspension, drive chain & sprocket, frame, exhaust system and fuel system.


If your motorbike has a sidecar there will be additional assessments with checks on the attachment, wheel alignment, suspension, lights,  tyres etc


You can see the full list of check on GOV.UK.

How much is a motorbike MOT?


There’s a maximum amount MOT test stations can charge. This depends on the type of vehicle. The maximum fee for a standard motorcycle is £29.65 and £37.80 for a motorcycle with a sidecar.

When is my motorbike MOT due?


You can check the MOT status of your motorcycle here. Simply enter your bike’s details to see whether it has an MOT certificate and when it runs out.

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